Backpack Health

Hey hi hello! With school starting up, I thought this was a perfect time to go over something that is not talked about enough.

And that is – the proper way kids (and adults) should be wearing backpacks!

There are two major things that are done incorrectly when it comes to how people wear their backpacks.

First, straps. Either you or your kid aren’t using both straps over your shoulder, or they are too loose. Using just one strap unevenly distributes the weight on your child’s developing spine, and causes a lot of unnecessary compensation in awkward areas.

Also, if the straps are too loose, the weight of the bag hangs lower and causes the neck to compensate by jutting forward. Picture a text neck position, but with the chin raised.

Second is the weight of the bag. I’ll keep this explanation easy and say that your kids’ backpack should only weigh 10% of their body weight! All other books, notebooks, etc should be carried in their arms.

Depending on how small your child is, I know that’s not a lot! You’re also probably worried about them forgetting or loosing items if they’re not all in their bag. To help with this, I suggest carrying your child’s bag for them as much a possible if it’s on the heavier side.

Hope this short post sets your child up for success this school year! If you are in the Rochester area and want me to look at how your child is wearing their backpack either in person or with a photo, please feel free to reach out at any time!