Self-Care and Healthy Habits for Pregnant Mamas – Part 1

I just posted a quote on Instagram saying “preparing for the birth of a child, is really preparing for the rest of your life as a parent”

While that is a daunting thought, self care is so important and nurturing for you and your little one. There’s SO MUCH information to cover regarding this topic, so I figured I’d do a mini series.

I want to start with asking yourself how does your life need to change to prioritize your baby? So often for a pregnant mom the thoughts that are prioritized are centered around the birth. Then when motherhood comes, it’s daunting and overwhelming. Now this post isn’t going to be what about what to do to prepare for motherhood, but rather how you can slow down, and really take the time to focus on your little one.

First, what activities can you add to your weekdays to nurture yourself? This doesn’t need to take up your whole day or evening. Just something to help you slow down, relax, and focus on connecting with your growing little one. This could be a walk after dinner, a bath with candles, or some slow prenatal yoga.

Next, think about what your typical work day looks like, and what stressful things can you remove from it. We want you to be focused on nurturing yourself and your baby, and stress is the complete opposite of that. The main thing that comes to mind for me is people’s lunch hours. So often those get filled with little tasks or errands. Take that time to eat outside, read some of your book, or even take a nap if you work from home!

Moving on from the weekdays and onto the weekends – what can you and your partner do together that nurtures your relationship, and helps you focus on your baby together? This is also a great time to sneak in more private moments while you’re still a family of 2 (or before you add another family member to the mix). Walk through a botanical garden, go to a fancy adult-only restaurant, or even relax together at a movie.

Now that we took away stress from the work week and added in nurturing stuff, and talked about how you can nurture yourself during the week, let’s take the stress away from your weekend.

As I’m writing this, it’s June 2021, and especially in the summer, it seems like everyone’s weekends are jam packed. I want you to ask what you can remove from your weekends, so that you have more time for self care. Maybe you save all your social engagements for Saturday’s, and leave Sunday’s as a time to be together. If there’s an event or activity on Sunday that brings you both joy, by all means go for it.

With how crazy prepping for parenthood can be, I hope this got you excited about slowing down and connecting with your baby. Stay tuned for more self care tips!

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